To protect against life’s little accidents, choose a mattress protector made from organic cotton and/or wool. So much easier to clean, than a mattress! You'll be so glad you had one.

  • Naturepedic Waterproof Pad: cotton + waterproof film, corner straps
  • Naturesoft Waterproof Protector: cotton + waterproof film, 15" depth
  • Naturepedic Waterproof Protector: cotton + waterproof film, 12" / 17" depth
  • Naturepedic Quilted Pad: quilted cotton fabric + PLA fiber, corner straps
  • Suite Sleep Oganic Cotton Knit Protector: cotton stretch knit, 18" depth
  • Suite Sleep Washable Wool Fitted Pad: quilted cotton and wool, 18" depth
  • Green Sleep Cotton Fitted Protector: cotton stretch knit,15" depth 

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