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Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

  • Everyone deserves a customizable pillow.  Resilient shredded natural rubber latex is hand-stuffed with love into a zippered cover, made from certified organic cotton fibers. Natural rubber latex shreds move easily within the zippered cover to allow you to perfectly shape your pillow to ideally cradle your head and neck. Standard size has 56 oz of natural shredded latex. King size has 96 oz of natural shredded latex. The zippered cover allows for easy removal of the shredded natural rubber latex until your pillow has just the right feel for you! A shredded natural rubber latex pillow is also a great alternative to a feather down pillow as natural rubber latex shreds are more resilient and better retain their loftiness over time. Spot clean only. Handmade in the USA by The Organic Mattress.

  • FREE shipping to addresses in the continental US via USPS. (We don't like shipping charges either.)

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