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Lanacare Kapok filled duvet

Kapok duvets are light as a feather and soft as silk. They will cover you in light warmth and nurture your healthy and fresh sleep throughout the night. They are filled with the most organic Kapok filling and highest quality satin on top. Kapok duvets are extremely light and soft, perfectly breathable, providing ultimate comfort and sleeping environment. They can be used all year round, since kapok maintains perfect bodily temperature. Kapok fiber is dust mite resistant, therefore kapok duvets are extremely suitable for allergic people. The outer fabric is a tightly woven organic cotton sheeting. 78" x 78". Only two available. Made in Lithuania.

For washing kapok products, we recommend using a washing detergent which contains no enzymes nor softeners.  Wash in warm water, max temperature 140 Fahrenheit. Spin thoroughly.  It is important to get as much water out of the product as possible, before putting it into the dryer.

After washing your kapok comforter,, it is very important that you place it directly into the dryer, after spinning out excess water, to prevent fibers from clumping together. We recommend placing 4 tennis balls in dryer, together with your kapok product, to help fluff the fibers. For best results, dry the item in 30-minute intervals, repeated 4 times. Between each round remove your kapok item and shake it to help release any dampness. Remove kapok item from dryer after 4 rounds and let air-dry.

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