Organic and Natural Pillows

TOM Mia Natural Latex Noodle Pillow

  • Our Mia Natural Latex Noodle Pillow has a dreamy feel that you can’t help but rest your head on. Springy, slim, noodle-shaped natural rubber latex is hand-stuffed into a super-soft zippered stretch knit GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. Natural rubber latex noodles move easily within the zippered cover to allow you to perfectly shape your pillow to ideally cradle your head and neck. Unlike shredded rubber latex which can feel clumpy and inconsistent, the string-like noodles are velvety smooth to the touch. Each size has an ample amount of natural latex noodles, allowing for truly personal customization based on your comfort. A natural rubber latex pillow is also a great alternative to a feather-down pillow as natural rubber latex noodles are more resilient and better retain their loftiness over time. Spot clean only with a damp cloth. Order our TOM Mia Organic Cotton Pillow Protector separately to enhance any pillow! Proudly handmade by The Organic Mattress in Massachusetts.
  • — GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Knit Zippered Cover
    — Natural Latex Noodles
  • Sizing Price
    20" W x 26" L
    20" W x 30" L
    20" W x 36" L

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