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NEW IN BOX: King-Size Vispring Sublime Superb

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Note: This is a king-sized model available in soft tension only.
  • The Vispring Sublime Superb has a reassuringly traditional feel coupled with extra notes of luxury, with an exceptional sophisticated blend of soft premium fillings. Organic cotton, mohair, silk, horsetail, Platinum Certified real Shetland wool, Platinum Certified British fleece wool, layered over 2 layers of hand-nested calico pocket springs. The Sublime Superb is covered in the finest quality Vispring ticking (Ticking 1002 in stock). Hand-tufted with hand-tied woolen tufts and twine. Borders are upholstered with coir and wool and feature 4 rows of hand side-stitching and air vents for breathability. Sheet depth (crown-to-crown height) for all sizes is 11 1/2" with a border height of 9 1/16". Handmade in Plymouth, England, with a 30-Year Guarantee.
  • Mattress:
    - 2 layers of hand-nested calico pocket springs (3344 in King size)
    - Platinum Certified British fleece wool
    - Hand-teased long-strand horsetail blended with Platinum Certified real Shetland wool
    - Silk and mohair
    - Blended Platinum Certified real Shetland wool and organic cotton

    Mattress Borders:
    - Upholstered with coir and wool
    - 4 rows of hand side-stitching
    - Air vents and horizontal handles

  • Please note that a soft tension Vispring mattress will feel like a medium tension mattress when put on a platform bed frame and not a Vispring divan.

  • Sizing Price
    76" W x 80" L x 11.5" H

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