Perle Silk Filled All-Season Comforter with Silk Shell

  • Sleeping on a silk comforter is just indescribably good. Perle Silk’s top-quality comforters are filled with the finest mulberry silk, which makes them soft, comfortable, and durable. All the silk comforters are filled with Perle Silk’s signature double long-strand mulberry silk fibers. Perle Silk proudly sources the top 5% of mulberry silk available in the world is to fill these comforters. These rare fibers act as natural temperature regulators, removing humidity while giving you the perfect warmth all year round. Each of these hands stretched bedding items is made using layers of pure silks that crating tiny air pockets to provide breathability, lightness, and an incredible softness to surround your body during sleep. They are created from high-quality Mulberry silky fibers which make them guaranteed to last through years of use. A great down alternative comforter, this comforter is made of natural materials and is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with allergies. It is easy to care for - just air it out once or twice a year or use your dryer to refresh it. Don't dry clean or wash your comforter. Simply spot clean only as needed and protect with a silk duvet cover.

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  • Size Inches Price
    queen 90 x 94 $1375
    king 104 x 94 $1540

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