Harvest Green Mattress is democratizing non-toxic mattresses in showrooms.

September 25, 2023

Harvest Green Mattress is democratizing non-toxic mattresses in showrooms.

Three years ago a mattress brand employee emailed me with their non-toxic bed in a box options for retailers. It was the height of the pandemic and we were actually selling many mattresses to consumers at that time. They were choosing to set them up themselves rather than taking advantage of our complimentary in room set-ups. I never replied to the email. The brand was Harvest Green.  At the beginning of June, I stumbled upon the brand in an on-line search. So, I replied three years later to the brand rep. Michael and I set-up a date for us to have a info session and with the brand creator.

Harvest Green will drop ship mattresses compressed in boxes, but they very much want retailers to have the mattresses in their showrooms for consumers to try. The prices rival those of Avocado Green and other cleaner mattresses that started by cutting out retailers so that consumers can save money. (We have removed many an Avocado Green when delivering new mattresses to customers.) What Harvest Green knows is completely unsustainable is selling a mattress to someone who has never tried it. With a very high cost of conversion and a high return rate, it is difficult to be profitable. This is the reason we see most of the bed-in-a-box companies seek to place their brands in brick and mortars eventually. 

We decided to take the leap of faith and place four of Harvest Green's models on our sales floor. We are giddy about the craftsmanship, purity of ingredients and the prices. We are so pleased to have healthier options with GOTS,GOLS and Greenguard Gold certifications that are priced as nicely as the ones that consumers don't get to try before they buy.  

For the love of it, we will be running our delivery truck to cities in New England on Sunday mornings after leaf peeping weekends so that interested customers can try the Essentials and Original to decide for themselves. We hope consumers are as smitten as we are.