Our Story

We’re not a large corporation, just two people who saw the need for a different kind of mattress store in the Boston / New England area, one that offers bedding that truly is good for people and the planet. Our philosophy is simple, not to carry everything out there, only the best natural and organic bedding available.

And we searched far and wide (trust me). Why? This quest began when we threw out our own old mattress (it was behaving badly). Eventually we settled on one that felt comfy in the store, but when it was delivered, surprise… it came with an odd smell that just wouldn’t go away!

After a lot of googling, we discovered organic mattresses. Who knew there was such a thing? And an absolutely dizzying number of websites selling them (along with countless descriptions and specifications). But not many stores to visit so we could actually lay our hands on one. So we opened our original showroom in 2007, and since then we've doubled our space and have over 20 mattresses on display.  

And that's how it came about. So let us be a resource for you! We promise honesty and full-disclosure.

Sleep well,

John & Diane 

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