Our Story

Founded Upon Health, Wellness and True Sustainability Back When Few Cared

Since opening our showroom in 2007, The Organic Mattress in Sudbury MA has been a purveyor of  thoughtfully edited collections of non-toxic mattresses,foundations, soft bedding and custom upholstered furniture. In the early years, most people were unaware of the  unhealthy components in most conventional mattresses, bedding and upholstered furniture. Chemical flame retardants, petrochemicals, glues, engineered woods and fabrics treated with PFAS are all highly toxic and have lasting negative health implications. 

Given that we spend ⅓ of our lives in bed, absorbing these often forever  chemicals through our pores and when breathing, opting for sleep systems that don’t have the potential negative health implications is exactly where we know that consumers should begin their journey towards wellness for themselves and their homes.

We added the custom upholstered furniture collection under the brand ‘Pure Upholstery’ since conventional sofas and headboards share the same  components as mattresses and foundations.  Most people still don’t know how polluting and toxic the production of fabrics alone are. Hundreds of questionable chemicals are used in the production of textiles whether for apparel or home furnishings. 

The amount of research required to vet products, their components and the producers is overwhelming and time consuming for most consumers. Greenwashing is, unfortunately, real and abundant on the internet, as is misinformation. Given our depth and breadth of knowledge with a combined 40 years of experience in the home and bedding industry and 30 years in the organic home niche, we are extremely particular and passionate about our offerings.

 We promise honesty and full-disclosure.

Sleep well,

Donna and Michael