Ergovea? ErgoveYEAH!

April 15, 2021

Ergovea? ErgoveYEAH!

I've been working with natural and organic mattresses for over ten years, but I remain singularly impressed by the unique pressure-relieving feel of the Ergovea collection.

Initially, I was skeptical about their GOLS-certified organic rubber mattresses because they didn't contain any organic wool, which is very common with these kinds of mattresses because it fulfills many functions: it acts as the flame-barrier, it's temperature regulating, it's antimicrobial, antibacterial, and a dust-mite inhibitor. Why would anyone want to remove this magical material?

When I laid down, it clicked: In other mattresses, the organic wool was substantial enough to impact the organic rubber's responsivity, potentially deadening the pressure-relieving effects. As I rolled from my back to my side on the Valencia, my favorite bed in the collection, I could feel my hip and shoulder sink into the mattress further, but still being entirely supported by the denser base layers in this particular mattress.

The founders of Ergovea had a great approach to getting this collection to feel so good. They continuously improved their mattress designs based on real-world feedback from those who bought them and slept on them. The collected information gave Ergovea enough to go on to determine what had to be changed to get that much-sought-after "Goldilocks feel" on their mattresses.

If you're looking for a cleaner-for-you, cleaner-for-the-environment-mattress, an Ergovea bed may be for you!