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Granny Sqaures 100% Wool Hand-Crocheted Throw

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100% wool hand crocheted throw by female owned and employed cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal. Granny squares crochet pattern. Approximately 48" x 60". The colors are vibrant and fun, reminiscent of afghans from the 1970s, but updated from the autumn colors and popular acrylic that was most common then. Many consider this craft and product to be cottage core or granny. The granny square crochet pattern was very popular in the 1960s and 70s. The quality of handcrafted and bespoke textiles with untreated natural fibers isn't for everyone because the imperfections are a result of human tendencies and are not considered to be defects. This is an artisanal product with inconsistencies that are in keeping with human-made and hand-crafted, as opposed to the uniformity of machine-made products.

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